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      Life calculation of aluminum electrolytic capacitor

      The life calculation is a test formula based on the life test results under high temperature environment, and the calculated values are only for reference.

      Under the condition of the highest rated temperature, the guaranteed life of the maximum ripple current superposition is allowed Lr H
      Maximum allowable service temperature To
      Temperature of capacitor in use Tx Hours
      Actual ripple current Ix mA
      Rated maximum ripple current I mA
      *Please set in and im to the same frequency. See remarks for details3
      Frequency compensation coefficient
      Actual DC voltage of electrolytic capacitor (V)
      Vx V
      Rated working voltage of electrolytic capacitor
      Vw V
      Life time Lo H
      Upper limit temperature of capacitor To


      1.Life calculation is limited to catalog items only. For customized design, please contact Yongming business window.

      2.The range of life calculation is from 40 ℃ to the upper limit of classification temperature.

      3.The frequency of Inca ripple current in and rated ripple current im must be the same. When the frequency is different, please use the "ripple frequency calibration coefficient" recorded in the following series to transform the value of in into the value of the same frequency as im. In addition, please input in no more than im. If the input value in exceeds the allowable value, the error warning "in input value exceeds the possible ripple current value of Inca" will be displayed.

      4.The upper limit of life is 15 years.

      5.For the series without calculation formula, please consult Yongming business window

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